Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine

The REF has a new name! It is now the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM)

The CFPC Board of Directors has approved an REF facelift that includes an update to the name, mission and vision as well as a restructuring of the Foundation Board.

Vision: Best care for all – leading in family medicine through philanthropy

Mission: Advancing excellence in research, education and service in family medicine through philanthropy 

These high-level changes better reflect the Foundation’s purpose and role in supporting family medicine through philanthropy, and to raise that profile in all related communications and fundraising initiatives. The strategic ‘refresh’ will help the Foundation to enhance its growth and success in the years ahead.


In May 2016, the FAFM Board approved moving to a smaller, skills-based Board to provide greater flexibility and enhanced interactivity and engagement with College members, chapters and donors. The Board will be comprised of a minimum of seven directors with a defined mix of skills and competencies to ensure we are governed by a body that remains responsive, credible and accountable to members.

The new Board structure is based on an extensive review of best practices, experiences, and evidence gleaned from non-profit boards, discussions and consultations, member support provided at the 2015 Annual Meeting of Members, and the Foundation leadership. Ongoing evaluation will continue to determine the effectiveness of the new governance structure.

All CFPC members are eligible to be considered for an FAFM Board Director position. Directors will participate throughout the year in Board meetings, the Chapter Symposium, the CFPC’s Annual Forum, and other opportunities to engage with the CFPC Board to support in-depth engagement with all stakeholders.

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