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April 20, 2018

The Globe and Mail

Opinion: For an effective policy, Ottawa should decriminalize all drugs

Global News

Rate of births done by caesarian section in Canada continues to grow

Norovirus and gastrointestinal illness cases have spiked in recent months in Canada

CBC News

Opinion: Homeopathic remedies should not be approved by Health Canada

If patients have been drinking and driving, should physicians be telling police?

Data reveals, B.C. leads the country in caesarean section deliveries

CTV News

Study shows that an ‘artificial mole’ could warn of cancer

New fight needed against resurgent malaria warns Bill Gates

The Star

First responders pushed to adapt to opioid crisis

Vancouver Sun

Problem with early colon cancer test identified by B.C. health authorities

The Chronicle Herald

Let’s keep Talking with Barenaked Ladies Steven Page at the Spatz Theatre in Nova Scotia on May 8th

La Presse

Le sport après un infarctus réduirait de moitié le risque de décès selon une étude

Le Québec au premier rang au Canada pour le recours à l’épidurale pendant l’accouchement

Thalassémie : La thérapie par cellules souches modifiées se révèle prometteuse 

Le Devoir

Des facteurs socioéconomiques alimentent la propagation du VIH


Nouvelle pharmacothérapie pour diminuer le risque d’incidents cardiovasculaires

Des chercheurs cernent un mécanisme qui expliquerait la maladie de Lou Gherig

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