Residency Program Accreditation

The purpose of the accreditation of residency programs by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Accreditation Committee is twofold:

  • To attest to the educational quality of accredited programs
  • To ensure sufficient uniformity and portability to allow residents from across Canada to qualify for the CFPC examinations as residency eligible candidates

Accreditation is voluntary and is conducted at the request of faculties of medicine at Canadian universities.

All family medicine residency programs in Canada are accredited by the CFPC

The document entitled “Specific Standards for Family Medicine Residency Training Programs Accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada" (commonly known as the Red Book) outlines the standards used by the CFPC to accredit family medicine and enhanced skills residency programs based in departments of family medicine at Canadian university faculties of medicine. These discipline-specific standards for family medicine are complementary to and consistent with the B standards and will clarify or expand on the B standards as they relate to the education of family physicians.

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