Acute care of at risk newborns education manual.

2005; Endorsement renewed 2012
Acute Care of At Risk Newborns (ACoRN) Editorial Board.

Available in English only.

For most health professionals, few events are more challenging or stressful than caring for a sick or preterm baby. It is therefore not surprising that the management and stabilization of these babies is repeatedly identified as a priority for new educational programs. The Acute Care of at-Risk Newborns (ACoRN) program was developed in response to this need. It is designed for any
practitioner who may be called upon to care for at-risk babies and their families, regardless of experience or training in neonatal emergencies.

ACoRN provides a systematic approach to the identification and management of babies requiring stabilization. It serves as the foundation for an educational program that aims to teach the concepts and basic skills of neonatal stabilization and where necessary, preparation for transport to a referral facility. The ACoRN process applies to babies who need assistance in the transition from fetal life, and babies who become unwell or are at risk of becoming unwell in the first few hours or days after birth. 

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