Past Presidents

On Thursday, June 17, 1954 a handful of Canadian general practitioners met at the Palomar Supper Club in Vancouver to witness the inauguration of the College of General Practice of Canada and the installation of the College’s first president, Dr. Murray R. Stalker. The initial members of the College proved to be harbingers of change for family practice in Canada. Their mutual commitment to life-long learning, education and research would shape the College’s mandate for years to come.

Term    President
2017–2018Dr. Guillaume Charbonneau, Maniwaki, QC
2016–2017Dr. David White, Toronto, ON
2015–2016Dr. Jennifer Hall, Rothesay, NB
2014–2015Dr. Garey Mazowita, Vancouver, BC
2013–2014Dr. Kathy Lawrence, Regina, SK
2012–2013Dr. Marie-Dominique Beaulieu, Montréal, QC
2011–2012Dr. Sandy Buchman, Toronto, ON
2010–2011 Dr. Robert Boulay, Miramichi, NB
2009–2010Dr. Cathy MacLean, Calgary, AB


Dr. Sarah Kredentser, Winnipeg, MB
2007–2008 Dr. Ruth Wilson, Kingston, ON
2006–2007  Dr. Tom Bailey, Victoria, BC
2005–2006 Dr. Louise Nasmith, Toronto, ON
2004–2005 Dr. Alain Pavilanis, Montreal, QC
2003–2004Dr. Rob Wedel, Taber, AB
2002–2003Dr. Peter MacKean, Kensington, PEI
2001–2002 Dr. Dominique Tessier, Montreal, QC
2000–2001 Dr. Don Gelhorn, Hudson Bay, SK
1999–2000Dr. Peter Newbery, Hazelton, BC
1998–1999 Dr. Francine Lemire, Corner Brook, NF
1997–1998 Dr. Nick Busing, Ottawa, ON
1996–1997 Dr. Cheri Bethune, St. John’s, NF
1995–1996 Dr. Jean-Pierre Despins, St. Leonard d’Aston, QC - deceased
1994–1995 Dr. Rick Spooner, Edmonton, AB
1993–1994 Dr. David Moores, Edmonton, AB
1992–1993 Dr. Marco Terwiel, Maple Ridge, BC - deceased
1991–1992 Dr. Jamie Boyd, Winnipeg, MB
1990–1991 Dr. Stephen Hart, Fredericton, NB
1989–1990 Dr. Brian Hennen, London, ON
1988–1989 Dr. Roch Bernier, Sherbrooke, QC
1987–1988 Dr. Joan Bain, Willowdale, ON - deceased
1986–1987 Dr. Donald Watt, Vancouver, BC - deceased
1985–1986Dr. Donald Butt, Mississauga, ON
1984–1985 Dr. Paul Patey, St. John’s, NF
1983–1984 Dr. Robert Bourret, Verdun, QC
1982–1983 Dr. Robert (Robin) G. Krause, Winnipeg, MB
1981–1982 Dr. Reg L. Perkin, Mississauga, ON
1980–1981 Dr. Robert (Bob) F. Robertson, Edmonton, AB - deceased
1979–1980 Dr. L. Murray Cathcart, Toronto, ON
1978–1979 Dr. Michael A. Spooner, Regina, SK - deceased
1977–1978 Dr. Hollister F.King, Midland, ON - deceased
1976–1977 Dr. Donald W. Rae, Portage la Prairie, MB - deceased
1975–1976Dr. Fred B. Fallis, Toronto, ON - deceased
1974–1975Dr. Arthur J. Macgregor, Victoria, BC
1973–1974Dr. H. Ian MacGregor, Halifax, NS - deceased
1972–1973Dr. Claude H. Murphy, Winnipeg, MB
1971–1972Dr. Bruce Halliday, Tavistock, ON - deceased
1970–1971Dr. J.A. David Brunet, Grand’Mere,QC - deceased
1969–1970Dr. John J. Zack, Vancouver, BC - deceased
1968–1969Dr. Stephen D. Clark, Saint John, NB - deceased
1967–1968Dr. William E.H. Alport, Regina, SK - deceased
1966–1967Dr. D. Earl Hunt, St. Catharines, ON - deceased
1965–1966Dr. Garth R. Diehl, Winnipeg, MB - deceased
1964–1965Dr. Claude Gendron, Montreal, QC - deceased
1963–1964Dr. J. Theodore (Ted) McCullough, Elmira, ON - deceased
1962–1963Dr. Irwin W. Bean, Regina, SK - deceased
1961–1962Dr. Edwin C. McCoy, Vancouver, BC - deceased 
1960–1961Dr. F. Murray Fraser, Halifax, NS - deceased
1959–1960Dr. Maurice E. Hobbs, Millbrook, ON
1958–1959Dr. Patrick B. Rose, Edmonton, AB - deceased
1957–1958Dr. Jack McKenty, Winnipeg, MB - deceased
1956–1957Dr. Charles L. Gass, Tatamagouche, NS - deceased
1955–1956Dr. J. Howard Black, Vancouver, BC - deceased
1954–1955Dr. Murray R. Stalker, Ormstown, QC - deceased

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