Section of Residents

The Section of Residents (SoR) consists of residents from across Canada’s 17 family medicine programs. The Section is represented by the SoR Council, a national committee composed of R1 and R2 representatives elected by each program to address issues relating to family medicine education from a resident’s perspective.  



Family Medicine Forum (FMF)
Canada’s premier family medicine conference provides lots of opportunities for networking with other residents, including a luncheon and social evening. Take advantage of discounted rates!


The Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME)
A great chance to present posters and sessions related to medical education, plus mingle with students and residents from a variety of specialties.

 International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) 

International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE)
Clinical educators and physicians from around the world attend the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) to share ideas, challenges, and innovations to advance residency training.



Learn what you need to know about the Certification Examination in Family Medicine.


Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations
Find out more about the Medical Council of Canada’s Qualifying Examinations. 


Unlocking evaluation objectives
Your one-stop shop for priority topics and key features.

Awards and Grants


Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM)
The CFPC’s Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM) recognizes and supports outstanding family medicine residents through multiple awards, grants, and scholarships.


The North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG)
An annual conference and offers travel and trainee awards.


Patient Education Grants
Recognize and encourage family medicine residents in becoming involved in planning and developing patient education.

Professional Development


Residents have free online access to CFPC’s Maintenance of Proficiency (Mainpro+®) program, allowing you to earn up to 40 certified Mainpro+ credits during your residency that you can apply to your first cycle as a practising (Active) member.


The Self Learning™ Program
CFPC’s state of the art online learning tool, is free for residents.


Canadian Family Physician (CFP)
Residents get a free subscription to Canadian Family Physician (CFP), the College’s medical journal, published monthly.



Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC)
Represents over 9,000 resident doctors across Canada and provides great resources, awards, and opportunities to be involved in national committees.


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