CFPC Supports National Symposium on Reducing Misuse of Prescription Drugs

January 29, 2014

(January 24, 2014, Toronto, ON) The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) was pleased to participate in today’s Symposium on Prescription Drug Abuse hosted by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse to discuss how Canada’s health care system can be enhanced by improving patient care and reducing harms associated with the misuse of prescription drugs. The program included discussion about improving prevention, treatment, enforcement, education and prescriber practices.

“I was pleased to share information about the role of CFPC programs that are dedicated to addiction issues, mental health, and chronic pain, as well as the ongoing education they provide for physicians and clinical practices,” says Dr. Lawrence. “We also acknowledged how the principles of the Patients Medical Home can play a valuable role in supporting the safe and effective use of prescription drugs. The event was an excellent opportunity to co-facilitate a session and be part of the discussion about solutions for the misuse of prescription drugs – a critically important issue for all Canadians.”

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