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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

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Catch and Release (Ryan Meili)

Meili, Ryan; 2014. Doctors tend to remember their “saves”– a patient’s death or dismemberment averted, whether because of or despite their intervention – in technicolour detail. In some ways, rural physicians are the...


    Ce bureau qui nous sépare

    Khattabi, Mona; 2008. La médecine ne nous enseigne pas tout. Il y a ces choses qu'on apprend à travers nos expériences en tant que médecin. Il y a ces...



      Helm, Charles; 2010. Elliott was seven when I first met him. My wife, a volunteer athletics coach, had persuaded me to take an hour off work to run laps with the kids at...


        CFPC narratives in family medicine

        Williams, Paula; 2014. Over the last fifteen years, my practice has become focussed on chronic pain management. I have been irresistibly drawn to these intensely...


          Chance Encounter

          Brousson, Michelle; 2015. To a casual observer amongst the buzz of clustered patients, streaming healthcare workers and one oblivious painter it was an unremarkable encounter in a public place.


            Christmas Gifts

            Pereles, Lauretta; 2015. With the advent of December, a doctor usually can expect a flurry of Christmas cards and small gifts. I always feel awkward about these gifts.


              Cigarette Packages in Front Pockets

              Neilson, Shane; 2010. It comes in the front shirt pocket, my sworn enemy. My enemy comes in a cardboard box, straining against the pocket seams. I see my enemy after the greeting, after I have sat down and finished...


                Cinq regards sur la mort

                Demers, Vincent; 2013. À mon arrivée à son chevet, il était obnubilé, moribond. Une gazométrie artérielle témoignait...


                  Code White!

                  Seldon, Roger; 2010. I am working in ER when the call comes. It is late evening. I am possibly the only doctor in the hospital. "Code White, 2 West! , Code White, 2 West!" The ER...


                    Combien de temps

                    Groleau, Isabelle; 2014. Cette journée de travail me pèse un peu. C'est que je devrai probablement affronter le fils de monsieur R. et son éternelle question...

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