Undergraduate Education

The Undergraduate Education Committee (UGEC)

The Undergraduate Education Committee (UGEC) is a sub-committee of the Section of Teachers (SOT) council. Its purpose is to provide a national focus for undergraduate family medicine. This committee strategically supports undergraduate directors across Canada to create dynamic undergraduate family medicine experiences. The UGEC is also devoted to improving the number of medical students that choose family medicine, as well as preparing them for their new career. These goals will be accomplished by establishing best practices in undergraduate family medicine education. This committee also supports the work of the Canadian Undergraduate Family Medicine Education Directors (CUFMED).

The UGEC has also spearheaded and coordinates the Undergraduate Peer Consultative Reviews – the first of its kind in Canada. These reviews are visits done by an undergraduate peer in conjunction with each medical school’s postgraduate accreditation visit and are aimed at specifically offering a consultation with the site’s Undergraduate Department of Family Medicine. The goals of the consultation are to provide feedback on existing and planned educational activities, areas of uncertainty, and where their department fits in with the norms and best practices in Family Medicine Undergraduate Education in Canada. A report that provides recommendations for the Undergraduate Department is produced after each visit.

Learn more about the Undergraduate Education Committee, its publications and recent news.

The Canadian Undergraduate Family Medicine Education Directors (CUFMED)

The Canadian Undergraduate Family Medicine Education Directors (CUFMED) is composed of undergraduate directors and clerkship directors from each medical school in Canada. This group meets one to two times a year to discuss issues related to family medicine undergraduate education, as well as to work on any projects that support their goal of the further development of undergraduate education. 

CUFMED’s most recent project is The Canadian Shared Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum (SHARC-FM), which is an online database of virtual patient case experiences for medical students to augment their educational experience. SHARC-FM has been largely a project of CUFMED, as its members have led the development of the principles, the foundational research, and developed (and continue to develop) the content. This project is continually under development. Learn more about SHARC-FM.

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