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May 1, 2017


(May 1, 2017, Mississauga, ON) What’s new? Canadian Family Physician (CFP), the official scientific journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), has launched a dynamic new website that provides a contemporary look and easy access to informative articles, blogs and other new features in a mobile-friendly format.

At a glance, profiles the current issue cover story as well as links to issue highlights and featured articles. Topics of interest can be flagged with alerts, responded to, and easily downloaded or emailed. Advanced search functions will help readers quickly find current and archived content.

The site will soon introduce blogs to provide insights and comments from family medicine leaders across Canada. Their blogs will create new opportunities for engagement in online discussions that focus on current and relevant topics including environmental health, clinical practice, rural health, prison health care, care of the elderly, global health, Choosing Wisely Canada, innovation in health care, family medicine education and research, and Indigenous health.

What’s not new? CFP remains committed to providing high quality, peer-reviewed scientific content to help keep family physicians informed and up-to-date. Select articles can help readers earn Mainpro+ credits and provides easy access for credit reporting. The journal content is also a tremendous resource for family medicine information required by other health professionals, researchers, educators and journalists.

The new CFP website was developed on HighWire Press’s JCore platform that provides greater stability and responsiveness, more control to directly manage website content, and enhanced access on any type of device.

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