In Memory of Dr. Joan Bain

May 12, 2017


Dr. Joan Bain
CFPC President 1987/88

It is with sadness that the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) acknowledges the passing of Dr. Joan Bain on May 6, 2017, at the age of 84.


Dr. Bain was born October 27, 1932, in Toronto, Ontario, and studied medicine at the University of Toronto. She married Dr. Stanley Bain in 1953 and the couple started a family practice in the Don Mills area of Toronto. Dr. Bain also joined the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine as part of its new Family Medicine Residency Training Program. Dr. Bain remained committed to postgraduate medical education throughout her career.

In a lifetime distinguished by many roles in leadership, education, and advocacy, Dr. Bain served as a board member of the Ontario Medical Association and in 1987 became the first woman to serve as president of the CFPC. Dr. Bain’s community involvement included working with the City of Toronto to increase awareness of domestic violence issues.

Dr. Bain received Certification in the College of Family Physicians in 1971, became a Fellow in 1983, and received Life Membership in 2002.

In memory of Dr. Bain the CFPC has made a donation to the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

The College sends its deepest sympathies to Dr. Bain’s family: her husband, Dr. Stanley Bain; her children Ted, Mary, James (Jane Batt), and Cathy (John Huycke); and her grandchildren Alexander, Alexandra, Annie, Brendon, Emily, James, Michael, and Sam.


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