CFPC applauds announcement of additional support for victims of family violence and their children

February 20, 2015

(Mississauga, ON, February 20, 2015) – The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) welcomes the announcement of additional investments to support victims of violence and their children.

"The CFPC was honoured to be invited by Minister Ambrose to attend all three national roundtables on family violence and child protection," said CFPC President, Dr. Garey Mazowita. "We are pleased to hear, among a few critical initiatives, the Minister will invest in helping to ‘equip health professionals with the information and training they need to safely support victims of domestic violence and child abuse’".

The CFPC hopes that attention to the impact of poverty and income inequality will be an ongoing part of this work so that connections between family violence and child maltreatment can be made with the social determinants of health. The CFPC explores these issues as well as overall child health in "The Role of the Federal Government in Health Care" and "Red to Green".


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